Public Liability

Public Liability

Public Liability Insurance Covers Your Business Operations. At some point, the likelihood of paying compensation for losses and damages is an unfortunate fact of doing business. Public liability insurers can anticipate possible risk-factors affecting your business and calculate the value of potential legal claims which can be complex and substantial.

Any business is vulnerable to a claim by members of the public who suffer in some way due to their interaction with you as a customer or visitor. When considering public liability insurance, examining the possibility and types of third party claims against your firm, for injury or illness caused by negligence, is key to obtaining a policy. It is a fact of life - accidents happen, and so do serious issues of negligence. Those who engage with your place of work as customers or otherwise are always at some risk of suffering injury, property damage, or illness as a consequence.

Public liability insurance extends to cover interactions with any third party, including off-site interactions, and includes property and personal damages claims. The cost of your policy will depend on what type of business you operate and the level of risk or damage that is likely to result as a consequence of your trading practices. Each business is different, and when considering risk, a reputable insurer will ask a set of comprehensive questions in order to determine a fair quote including future risk. Like most businesses, if you have expansion plans in mind, a policy that takes your plans for the business into account is essential. Public liability insurance allows you to get on with being an entrepreneurial firm, expanding your business and taking risks, protecting your capital investment from events beyond your control.

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